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Out of Patients

After practicing medicine for over thirty years, Norah Waters MD is weighing her options, and early retirement looks better and better. At age fifty-eight, who needs midnight calls, cranky patients, and business headaches? Fighting burnout and workplace melodrama, Norah gives herself one last year to find her way back to enjoying her once-cherished career. 
     Norah also tries to support her elderly mom, a feisty and irreverent eighty-six-year-old living in Sun City who once rejoiced at Woodstock and recently partied at Burning Man. At utterly different points in their lives, troubled by a shadow in their past, both women find themselves on a quest for worth in their shifting worlds.
     Supported by her steadfast dog, a misfit veterinarian, and a thoughtful radiologist, Norah wrestles her way through a surprising assortment of obstacles, sometimes amusing and sometimes dreadful, to make a final decision about her future.

Where No One Should Live

Public health physician Dr. Maya Summer faces a myriad of medical challenges as she comes to grips with her uneasy past. Helped by faculty physician Alex Reddish, who withstands his own identity trials, she uncovers the grave truth behind a series of illnesses as she and Reddish draw close to one another. Mosquitoes, motorcycle helmets, parasites in swimming pools—just for starters. 

What the River Said - a novel

Abby is back at the canyon, where a wave of heart attacks among healthy hikers creates concerns about performance-enhancing drugs. Her worries escalate over a friend who has disappeared and her partner's serious injury. Abby is left to manage his niece, a troubled teen, and an unwanted stray dog. She is aided by an engaging cast of characters, including a woman farrier who shoes the canyon mules, an old prospector exposed to uranium, and Marcus the dauntless receptionist. 

In this exhilarating follow-up to The Color of Rock and Where Light Comes and Goes, Abby must confront her past in order to stand up for the ones she loves.  

Where Light Comes and Goes - A Novel

This novel brings back Dr. Abby Wilmore, the family physician protagonist of Miller's first novel, The Color of Rock. Staffing at a summer clinic in Yellowstone National Park, she hopes to expand her medical skills, working above the increasingly restless supervolcano. She treats park visitors and locals while evading the advances of a lecherous concession manager, maintaining a long-distance relationship with her Grand Canyon physician partner.

This engrossing story unfolds in a spectacular setting and is rich with quirky, often endearing characters and unexpected developments. An overworked Abby makes new friends while tension builds: the volcano seems close to a major eruption and mysterious bison killings increase. Abby finds herself in mortal danger as the story races to a thrilling conclusion.

The Color of Rock - A Novel

Young physician Dr. Abby Wilmore attempts to escape her past, starting her career over at the Grand Canyon Clinic. Silently battling her own health issues, Abby struggles with the demands of this unique rural location. She encounters everything from squirrel bites to suicides to an office plagued by strong personalities. While tending to unprepared tourists, underserved locals, and her own mental trials, Abby finds herself entangled in an unexpected romance and trapped amidst a danger even more treacherous than the foreboding desert landscape.

Sandra Cavallo Miller’s debut novel transports readers to the beautiful depths of Arizona and weaves an adventurous and heartwarming tale of the courage and strength it takes to overcome personal demons and find love.