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Check out my online interview with journalist Tom Scanlon about Where No One Should Live. What interesting questions!




*Book event 

Changing Hands Bookstore in Phoenix on September 30, 2021 at 7:00 pm. The new novel Where No One Should Live will be featured, set in Phoenix during a hot summer season. Endearing new characters and adventures woven into the challenges of public health and training physicians: mosquitoes, rabies, helmet laws, and parasites in public swimming pools -- to name a few! Details at Changing Hands website (link below).

Please come! 



A new novel, Where No One Should Live, is scheduled for September 21, 2021. This exciting look into the work of a public health physician and residency physician training provides a fresh view of medicine and the tremendous work that goes into keeping us healthy. 


What the River Said, book #3 in the Grand Canyon series,

published May 2021. 

Hear the interview with James & Paul on Old Dogs podcast, who worry they might get all the diseases portrayed in the novel. They are a delightful and charming pair that we all should listen to!

Season 3, episode 58, at 12 minutes in:



Hear the interview about Where Light Comes and Goes with Cynthia Brian on Star Style Radio. Interview starts at 17 minutes in. 



Hear a reading from Where Light Comes and Goes on the ASU Piper Writing Center Showcase. Reading starts at 42 minutes in. 



Read a blog guest visit with Hallie Ephron on Jungle Red Writers, February 19, 2021.







Want to have a virtual book event with me? 

I love discussing the many themes and conflicts depicted in these novels. 

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