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Where Light Comes and Goes

Dr. Abby Wilmore returns, the young family physician protagonist of Miller's first novel, The Color of Rock. Working at a summer clinic in Yellowstone National Park, she hopes to expand her medical skills and finds herself working above the increasingly restless Yellowstone supervolcano. She treats park visitors, staff, and locals while evading the advances of a lecherous concession manager, and maintaining a long-distance relationship with her Grand Canyon physician partner. As tremors in the park escalate, Abby learns that someone is killing the bison.


This engrossing story unfolds in a spectacular setting and rich with quirky, often endearing characters and unexpected plot turns. While an overworked Abby makes new friends, tension builds as the volcano seems to be moving closer to a major eruption and the bison killings increase. Abby finds herself in mortal danger as the story races to a thrilling and unexpected conclusion.