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Sandra Cavallo Miller is a retired academic family physician. Little fiction has been written about family medicine or women doctors, and she is on a mission to change that. When not writing, you might find her hiking with a dog, riding a horse, or sitting under a tree studying her favorite hobby, volcanology.

Her writings and poems have been published in JAMA's "A Piece of My Mind," Pulse: Voices from the Heart of Medicine, Under the Sun, and Embark, among others. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

Her trilogy about a woman physician at the Grand Canyon Clinic, published by the University of Nevada Press, combines science-based medicine with adventure, geology, and romance. 


Upcoming in September 2021: Where No One Should Live, a novel about public health physicians and residency training set during a brutally hot summer in Phoenix. This exciting story provides a fresh view of medicine and the tremendous work that goes into keeping us healthy.