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Where Light Comes and Goes

Dr. Abby Wilmore returns, the young family physician protagonist of Miller's first novel, The Color of Rock. Working at a summer clinic in Yellowstone National Park, she hopes to expand her medical skills and finds herself working above the increasingly restless Yellowstone supervolcano. She treats park visitors, staff, and locals while evading the advances of a lecherous concession manager, and maintaining a long-distance relationship with her Grand Canyon physician partner. As tremors in the park escalate, Abby learns that someone is killing the bison.


This engrossing story unfolds in a spectacular setting and is rich with quirky, often endearing characters and unexpected plot turns. While an overworked Abby makes new friends, tension builds as the volcano seems to be moving closer to a major eruption and the bison killings increase. Abby finds herself in mortal danger as the story races to a thrilling and unexpected conclusion.




From "The Book Review"

I am so happy I stumbled across this series. 

The setting, mingled with the medical conundrums, drama, and suspense are a truly distinctive combination. Abby is such a relatable and realistic character, and the well-drawn secondary characters add another level of depth to the story.

I am excited to see how things will progress from here- this series has a real potential to grow and develop- and could have a broad appeal across several genres. Anyone who enjoys mysteries, light romantic suspense, or medical dramas, will find these books appealing . . . this is an interesting and unique series. It flows well, is easy to read, and hard to put down!


From Amazon

-- An engrossing and highly entertaining mystery that kept me hooked.
I loved the description of the park, the fleshed out characters and the solid mystery that kept me guessing.
It's the first book I read by this author and won't surely be the last as I loved it.


-- Having spent my life in the medical field, I appreciate the authentic portrayal of today's physicians. In a world that often expects perfection from, misunderstands, and distrusts the medical field, the author tells us about the real unsung heroes—the great majority of doctors who want only to be free to help ailing patients with their knowledge, sometimes assailed by doubts in an imperfect science, but doing their best, even under unreasonable criticism and near impossible demands. The author does not glorify medicine, but tells it like it is.


-- seamlessly weaves the continuing story of Dr. Abby Wilmore's medical and romantic adventures with a dark mystery that will keep you turning pages. As a physician, I particularly enjoyed her description of treating patients in a national park clinic with limited resources. And being a scientist, I also enjoyed her wonderful images of the geologic forces underlying Yellowstone.